Forum Rules

All members must read and abide by these rules.
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Forum Rules

Postby admin » Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:42 pm

Forum Rules

1. Treat all members with respect. Only treat others as you expect to be treated yourself.

2. This is an English only forum. Please only use other languages in PM.

3. Don't spam. This means no irrelevant or advertising posts. Any spam posts will be deleted.

4. No insulting, flaming or personal attacks against any forum member will be tolerated.

5. No illegal activity/hacking. For example torrents or illegal downloads.

6. No inappropriate material. Please keep it clean.

7. Please do not use Red Text this colour is for use by moderators only.

8. Please do not post in CAPITALS either in topics or topic headers.

These rules are in place to protect our community and to make it a fun place to be.

What will happen if I break the rules?

Mild offenders will be given up to two warning via PM. If they carry on offending they will be given a temporary bans.
Serious offenders will be immediatly banned with a chance to appeal to
Anyone continuing to offend after reciving multiple bans will be removed from the site.
It is up to the forum moderators to decide the severity of an offense.

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